About Us


TJ Behlin ’18

Hi my name is Tj Behlin. I am a junior at RFA. I write sports for the Knight Times. I also play basketball and lacrosse. I’ve always liked to read and write about sports so I joined the Knight Times. This is my second year doing Knight Times and I plan on doing it again next year


Eli Cicci ‘18

Hi there, I’m Eli. I am a graphic designer and animator. This is my first year on the Knight Times team. I am currently a junior, and I hope to attend an art college and pursue a career in animation and story design.


Halie Ehlinger ’20

Hello! My name is Halie Ehlinger and I am a freshman at Rome Free Academy. My hobbies are basketball, running, photography, and I am currently a newbie on JV lacrosse. I want my job to be a graphic designer or photographer. I did Knight Times because I found it interesting to take pictures for the school.


Moriah Humiston ’18

Hi! My name is Moriah Humiston. I am currently a junior at RFA, and this is my second year being the head editor for the Knight Times. I plan on majoring in broadcast and digital journalism once I graduate. I am very excited to introduce broadcasting to the Knight Times, and also for what is ahead in the future.


Madison Sterling ’20

Hi! My name is Madison Sterling (Silver), this is my first year in Knight Times. I mainly write the stories about what’s going on in the school and the events coming up. I enjoy doing Winter Guard and Marching Band outside of school.


Rachel Scott ’17

Hi! My name is Rachel Scott, and I am a senior. This is my first year contributing to the Knight Times. I am going to major in journalism at Temple University next year. After college, I am hoping I will become an international journalist.