Amazing Season for the Swim & Dive Team

Amazing Season for the Swim & Dive Team

By Emmalee Salce

This season the Varsity Swim and Dive team gained the title of Center State Conference League meet Champions on Friday, October 19th. The swimmers won ten meets and only lost three. The ladies lost to Holland Patent all season, then came through and gave it their all at the CSC League meet, where they beat Holland Patent with a score of 433.5 to 412.

Looking back on the season many of the swimmers reflect back on all the hard work. Mena Brazinski, a first-year student here at RFA  talks about the ups and downs of the season. Mena was asked why she had decided to join swim. Mena said she had always loved swimming and of course making friends. Since it was Mena’s first year on varsity, she had looked back and seen the differences between modified and varsity. At first, she laughed and then explained how after the first week including our dryland days how much your legs hurt, modified is more about learning. With varsity you start two weeks before school starts, you face more schools, have more meets, more practices, a longer season and you have the opportunity to go to sectionals. There was a lot of challenges this season especially for the freshman, Mena was not prepared, “being on modified was really fun, the workouts are a lot harder, the first two weeks are really hard.” Swim is not always serious, we do some fun things too, we do team bondings, crazy relays, and contest, for example, we do handstand contests and so many more. The workouts are “grueling” sometimes we would swim 1,000 yards, 40 laps just for warm-ups. Mena is hoping to accomplish next year is to get faster and try to get to sectionals.

Looking back on their last season, Molly Riggleman and our independent swimmer from Sauquoit, Caitlyn Longway were asked why they decided to join swim, Molly said she was in swim lessons and “just fell in love with it.”

Caitlyn replied, “because of my club foot, it’s a birth defect that made it difficult for me to do ‘land sports’.” Molly wants to try to swim in college but has no need to. Caitlyn is looking at Nazareth and Hartwick college since they both have swim teams! They were both asked what their favorite memory is, Molly had said “when I beat my 50 free time which was 32 seconds.”, and Caitlyn said “competing at the CSC meet.” she was able to have her friends from Sauquoit come and watch, she even got to be on one of our relay teams! Since Molly has been on varsity for four years, she understands the expectations of being on varsity. She had said, “it takes lots of time and the ability to hold your breath and stick with it.” Since it is Molly’s last year, we wanted to know her favorite memory of coach. Molly explained that coach had told her she is a 500 swimmer, 20 laps and coach had gotten all excited, “now I have my event, my thing.” As the season is coming to an end Caitlyn has broken numerous records including two pool records and league records in the 100 and 200 free. Being an independent swimmer Caitlyn has faced a lot of challenges, the major challenge was not having teammates. “As time went on, you guys on the Rome team really became like my teammates and I am beyond grateful for your support!”

Lastly, we talked to the coach and had asked how long has she been coaching, Coach Browne has been coaching for 16 years. Coach’s favorite thing about coaching is the kids! Coach was asked what her favorite memory of this season was beating Holland Patent in the league meet. Lastly, we wanted to know what a home meet preparation is like. She has to write a lineup, put together the computer system, make sure touchpads work, and just get the pool ready in general. Congratulations to everyone that went to sectionals, Paige Barone, Amanda Bartholomew, Emma Bisgrove, Aryann Dolan, Hannah Gatley, Miranda Libby, Alexandra Mecca, Damaris Moriarty, Gabby Moriarty, Lydia Mullen, Victoria Passalaccqua, Emma Preski, Molly Riggleman, Lauren Taylor, Jessica Tutino, Kara Williamson, and Caitlyn Longway.