The 80’s Rocked The House

This year’s floats at Homecoming were based off the theme “decades.” Each grade worked together to create a float to best represent their decade. After week’s of hard work, paint and lots of duct tape, the floats made their way onto the track during half time at Friday’s night football game. The freshman recreated a Volkswagen bus, complete with a giant big bird and a crowd of hippies along with Martin Luther King and an astronaut. The sophomores shuffled their way in with the 1970’s. Their float highlighted the days of disco and the iconic movie, Jaws. The juniors bopped their float in to the theme of the 1950’s and danced along side their diner while handing out milkshakes.

In the end, the seniors took first place with their theme of the 1980’s. As the song “Africa” began to play over the speakers and the fans cheered, it was easy to see that they won. Their float incorporated much of the colorful decade including E.T. on a bike, Reading Rainbow, Karate Kid and many more iconic movies.

Congrats to all the students and staff who worked on the float!

*Photos Courtesy of the Rome School District