Who will win MVP?

Russell Westbrook who’s coming off a great season, where he averaged a triple double in the season. He averaged 31.6 ppg 10.7 rpg and 10.4 apg. Westbrook also broke Oscar Robertson’s triple double record of 41 triple doubles by one!!! Russell is a fan favorite to win MVP but people also say he shouldn’t. Team success also plays a part in the MVP races. Russell’s MVP season ended with a first round lost to the Rockets and other MVP candidate James Harden.

James Harden who had a underachieved season last comes in this year and turns the Rocket organization around. Harden finished under Russell Westbrook 42 triple doubles with 22 triples doubles. He averaged 29.1 ppg 8.1 rpg and 11.2 apg this season. Harden is considered one of the best offensive stars in the league. James draws fouls with ease. Many say Harden is not a great defender but this year he turned it around. Harden was 3rd for contested shots for guards. James MVP season ended with a 2nd round lost to the Spurs and another MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard who is the “Silent Assassin” is known for being a complete player. Leonard is considered the league’s top defender but he’s also recognized for being a elite scorer. Kawhi averaged 25.5 ppg 5.8 rpg and 3.5 apg. The MVP candidate is also in the running for Defensive Player of the year. Top offensive stars hate being guarded by Leonard ¬†due to his defensive ability. Kawhi is a very silent person. You rarely see him out doing things off the court. Leonard’s season is still going after defeating the Rockets in the 2nd round. They will face the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Lebron James who everyone believes should win the MVP every year!! Lebron is a freak of nature and he can do everything you need him to do. He is averaging 26.4 ppg 8.6 rpg and 8.7 apg. Lebron can carry a team all by himself, just look at what he did last year in the finals or the year before that. Lebron is definitely the best player in the league. Lebron has a great team to support him so he does not have to put up BIG numbers every night unless he’s in the playoffs. There’s not much to say about Lebron because if you just watch him he’ll prove to you why he is the best player in the game right now and in consideration of being the Greatest of All Time.


My pick for MVP: Kawhi Leonard