Grease Sneak Peek

In a few weeks, Grease the musical is going to be performed at the school by your fellow peers.  We were interested in what’s going on for the musical and sat down with Mr. Meiss to ask him a few questions we had in order to find out a few “sneak peeks” about the performance. The musical has a lot leading up to it. The cast is putting in a lot of time to make this musical happen. The first few weeks, the cast has put in at least 10 hours a week and as the play gets closer to the musical, the cast will put in at least 20 hrs a week. “One thing you can expect from this season is a really fun, high energy show…but it’s not going to be exactly like the movie you all know and love”, Mr. Meiss said.  What he is looking forward to in the upcoming musical is that “ we have a big cast this year again” and that  he’s looking forward to  “enjoying the audience’s reaction”. A sneak peek that Mr. Meiss was willing to give us was that there’s going to be “surprising twists on the familiar stuff” you may know. When asking Mr. Meiss about what his main challenges are that he faces every year , he responded with “ each year comes with its own set of challenges”. 

Please make sure to catch Grease on April 6th here at RFA!