Is Tom Brady the Greatest Quarterback of All Time?

Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time?? Many people believed he proved it after his Super Bowl 51 victory. Tom Brady is the only quarterback with 5 rings surpassing greats like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. Brady also holds the Post-Season record with a 21-8. He has 5 more wins than Joe Montana who is second on the list. Tom also has the record for most playoff touchdowns(63) and in the Super Bowl(15). Brady also has 4 Super Bowl MVPs. Brady has 10 game winning post season drives including Super Bowl 49’s 10 point comeback win and Super Bowl 51’s 25 point comeback and a win in OT. Not to mention he also holds the record for most completions in the Super Bowl(37). Brady has also led the Patriots to 12 AFC East division titles which is also the most by any quarterback. Brady has done all of this as a Round 6, 199th pick. THAT IS INSANE!!!!  Brady also has 7 AFC titles and 2 MVPs. Tom Brady is also is 4th for regular season passing yards with 61,582 yards. Brady is behind by 10,000 yards to Peyton Manning but he is looking to play until he’s 45 so we may witness a new passing yard record holder. He’s also 4th for regular passing completions with 5,244. Brady is also 4th for regular season touchdowns with 456 trailing Peyton manning who is 1st with 539. Tom could most likely break that before his career is over. He’s 3rd all time for passer rating. 14th all time for completion percentage. 3rd all time for wins trailing Brett Favre and Peyton Manning 186-183. He will soon be the all time leader. In the playoffs, Brady is the leader for passing yards, pass completions, touchdown passes and wins. I’m the Super Bowl Brady is the leader of every category besides completion percentage which he is 4th all time. Brady is working on a contract extension that’ll have him playing well into his 40s. His Super Bowl performance boosted his case in the greatest quarterback of all time discussion. After all those stats how could you not believe he’s the greatest quarterback of all time?!?!?!