Should Mindfulness be brought into the schools education

Is meditating before class a good idea or not?

This is called mindfulness, mindfulness is a way of getting kids to be calmer and more aware of what they do by meditating.


Mindfulness helps teach children how to build self  awareness and effectively handle their emotions and empathetically manage their relationships.

Mindfulness is also teaching children a set of skills like how to meditate a conflict, or how to verbally express and explain their emotions to improve communication.

Mindfulness has improved students behavior and ability to focus as well as the teachers sense of well being.

There are some mindful schools and those schools have found that a majority of the teachers it has trained experienced lowered stress, more connection with students ,and higher job satisfaction.


Mindfulness is a good idea to have in schools because a lot of kids suffer from stress and anxiety and other health conditions and mindfulness can help relieve this, producing a more calming and peaceful atmosphere. Mindfulness also helps kids focus in class, providing the opportunity to become more engaged in the learning, which can lead to other success in school. Mindfulness can also benefit for these students by learning to apply it in their home life, outside of school. Mindfulness is a great way to start the day off in class, u will have a clear and calm mind right before you start your lessons.