A Look at Vex Robotics

   The Robotics club here at RFA is involved in the Vex Robotics platform.  The team competes in regional competitions against other Vex Robotics teams of high school students.  In the Vex Robotics platform teams are tasked each year with a game. This year’s game is called “Starstruck” (http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/competition) where teams compete in timed matches, as part of an alliance, in a 12’ x12’ arena, trying to score more points than the other alliance.  The members of the Vex Robotics club learn to use skills such as time management, problem solving, critical thinking, networking, and brainstorming.

    This year’s goals are for the returning student team, Black Knights #8746A to win a competition and an excellence award and also to qualify for the NY State Championships.  Robotics has a second team this year made up of 10 new students, Orange Knights #8746B.  The goal for the new team is to compete well in each competition that they participate in and to qualify for the NY State Championships. 

    One of the challenges from last year was to get enough students to start a second team.  Being part of a robotics team is a lot of work.  The planning, designing, building, testing and competing as part of a robotics team takes lots of teamwork, communication skills and time management.  Students have to be committed to the process in order to get a robot built and to be able to compete. Students in the club find the work challenging and fun. Kayleigh East, a junior stated that ” I love being a part of the robotics team because I really enjoy the creative process behind it. It’s amazing to watch our concept turn into a unique creation. It’s even more rewarding to watch the robot function, especially after we come across a problem. We all get very excited when we fix it. I also enjoy competing because we then get to see other robots and come up with new strategies. No two matches feel the same.”