Celebrating Over 36 Years of The Knight Times

The RFA Knight Times has been a club in Rome Free Academy that has been around for 36 years. The Knight Times has evolved since it first began, as many sources for news have. The first year of the Knight Times was in 1980. The school year marked the very first volume of the RFA Knight Times, and had an advisor that was a former worker at the Daily Sentinel. The advisor, Margaret Hart, was one of the many advisors who created the spark that led to the RFA Knight Times today.

Fast forwarding into 2010, The Knight Times was advised by Wendy Waters, who is currently a principal at Gansevoort. During this time, TheKnight Times was able to make use of the Internet for a faster way of spreading news. They used a blog to be able to send recent news at a quicker speed. The Knight Times was also advised by Mrs. Nelson, who is currently still a teacher at RFA. During the time Nelson was an advisor, The Knight Times was able to use a Facebook page for all of there news and events.

In 2013, Mrs. Theilmann took over for the newspaper. Mrs. Theilmann said that she loved how student oriented the paper is. “The students have the chance to write about what they like, and produce something that is theirs” Mrs. Theilmann said. “I also love how diverse the staff is. It’s never just one clique, but very different students coming together as a team.” In 2015, the Knight Times advisor was Dr. Alger, another teacher here at Rome Free Academy. Dr. Alger was able to help the Knight Times make a Twitter page to share news.

Now, the year is 2016. The Knight Times is at one of the strongest points it has been in. With our small staff, and tremendous help throughout the years, our newspaper has now achieved over 200 followers likes, and a new upcoming broadcasting program. Of course, we couldn’t have achieved these goals without the help of our past club members and the students of RFA.

So thank you, RFA students, for a great 36 years, and many more to come.