Interview with Mr. Roberts

After 30 years of working at RFA, Mr. Roberts time here came to a close. Before leaving, the Knight Times was able to interview him. In this interview Mr. Roberts talked about his accomplishments, his future plans, and also his overall thoughts on working at RFA for three decades.  

How would you describe the vision of RFA, and where do you see it going after you leave?


The vision would be to have an active, vibrant, learning community.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?


That I made it through 30 years. The whole body of work is an accomplishment, not just any one thing.


Is there one person in your career that stands out in your mind? Why does this person stand out?


My parents, the people that hired me, and Dr. Jerry Melvin. He taught me how to be an administrator and how to keep my dignity.


What impact do you think you made on the school during your time here?


I’m hoping I was able to be a good listener, teacher, and role model.


What is the hardest decision that you have had to make in your career?


Being objective and sometimes having to make decisions that are uncomfortable for the students. You also have to give them feedback that they need to improve.


As your career draws to a close, what do you think your students would say about you as a leader?


That I care I hope. That I have a good sense of humor. That I listened to them and told them what they needed to hear.


What advice would you give to current and future assistant principals?


Be yourself, know your job, know your students, and be proactive. It is a high energy kind of job, not a nine-to-five.


What is one thing that you would take away from your time working here?


If you are thinking about being an educator, you have to love people. You have to have a lot of patience and and be able to listen. You have to learn when to talk when you need to talk and be quiet when you need to be quiet.


What do you plan to do after you leave?


I’m going to take some time off and take care of my family. After I take a year off I am either going to go part time or full time in education overseas. I may come back to RFA as a substitute.